Nursing Advantage

Nursing Advantage – Windsor offers dynamic, patient-specific care plans based on real-time medical conditions and diagnosis. Each resident is unique, with their own set of diagnoses and conditions, and require a specific set of actions to deliver optimal care. Nursing Advantage ensures that caregivers deliver consistent care tailored to each resident. Specific assessments and evidence-based care for skilled and long-term residents minimize readmission risk potential.

Our Nursing Advantage program includes:

  • Care Pathways – thousands of diagnosis codes trigger 58 evidence-based disease-specific care pathways to direct the plan of care.
  • Care Plans – care plans are tailored for the patient based on the pathways
  • Assessments – Standardized care is provided with over 30 assessments tied to care plans
  • Point of Care – tasks are automatically triggered for nursing staff to meet specific needs.