Patient Centered Care

At Windsor we offer a full range of Nursing Services including 24-hour skilled nursing care, pain management, diabetes management, dietary program and much more.

Rehabilitation is a primary concern for all of us at Windsor. We believe that the more independent you feel the happier you are. Our physical therapists will develop a program based on the individual needs. Our occupational therapists will assist with activities of daily living (ADL) to help gain independence. Stroke or brain injuries or respiratory illnesses can sometimes affect swallowing and ones ability to communicate. Our speech therapists will help you to regain as much independence as possible.

You arrive here thinking this is just to improve my physical capabilities. But once here you realize the happy environment improves your outlook on life. We employ energetic and friendly team to always give you Activities in which to participate. You’ll surely gain new friends in the staff and the other residents while participating in games, outings and performances. Additionally, our Social Services team will proactively help with appointments, transportation and discharge planning.